The Bastard Cadre

Take a stand. Defy the Gods.

The Bastard Cadre is an ambitious science fantasy saga set in a futuristic dystopia where dragons soar above cities of technological splendor, and what’s left of humanity must choose between kneeling to malevolent Gods and risking annihilation to fight them.


About Big Epic Studio


Big Epic Studio is the home of fast paced, epic science fantasy stories by Lee Carlon.

In addition to being a writer, I'm also an avid reader. I love epics with big concepts and bigger conflicts, science fiction, fantasy, and larger than life characters. I'm also a big fan of shorter books, epic (for me) refers to the scope of the story not the length of the book. The Bastard Cadre stories are written to encapsulate all of these qualities.

If there's any doubt, I'm the one wearing glasses.