The Bastard Cadre

Take a stand. Defy the Gods.

The Bastard Cadre is an ambitious science fantasy saga set in a futuristic dystopia where dragons soar above cities of technological splendor, and what’s left of humanity must choose between kneeling to malevolent gods or risk annihilation to fight them.

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Big Epic Studio by Lee Carlon


Big Epic Studio is the somewhat tongue-in-cheek name for my online enterprises. The name was conceived after I'd suggested to my family we watch a Star Wars movie on movie night for something like the eighth week in a row. My wife declared it was too big and too epic, to which my automatic response was Is that even possible? Before the (non-Star Wars) movie was even over, I'd registered the domain name and here we are. At the moment my activities are focused on writing science fiction and fantasy novels, but I'm also exploring apps and who knows what else might turn up in the future. I've been told I have a minimalist style but that I pack a whole lot of story into the books I write. I'm obsessed by perspective and voice and believe everybody has a unique take on the world (even, or especially, the people I make up to put in my stories). 

If there's any doubt, I'm the one wearing glasses.